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Narrow your search: One is labeled as a machinist on the back of the photograph. Location unknown, possibly Minnesota. Gay couple relax in Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France. Two bearded gay men at World Pride Day London Gay Pride march through central London, the parade was on a smaller scale without floats due to financial problems. Bondage bums at Maspalomas Gay Pride Parade.

On the first day of the new agricultural year, thirty or forty men, stripped to their clean white shirts, decorated with gay-coloured ribbons tied in large knots and bows, drag along a plough. They are usually accompanied by an old woman, a boy or a humorous countryman to represent a fool who carries a box to collect money from the spectators. They are accompanied by musicians and Morris-dancers.

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Happening in the old town, group of men changed into the ancient kings of Poland. Protest against the gay parade.

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Belfast, Northern Ireland. Paris, France. There is little information about the individuals in the photos and it is quite extraordinary that these images still survive - as many old photos of homosexual couples are believed to have been purposely destroyed by family members.

Although it is unknown whether the people in these unique photos were related, gay or just friends - the tender and close relationship between the men pictured is poignantly evident. For many, these images represent a small fragment of LGBT history that was repressed and concealed for so long.

Photographs capture century-old scenes of male intimacy

Do you know any of the people in the pictures? Get in touch by calling or email anthony. Two men pose for the camera whilst standing remarkable close to one another. In the nineteenth century, male friendships were marked by an intense bond and an ardent sentimentality for one another. Two men embracing one another in Many upper-class men would have attended same sex boarding schools from a young age and as adults, they have been encouraged to join gentlemen's clubs or men's only societies. Two men pose for the camera whilst holding hands left and one man puts his arm around the other in a display of male affection right.

Society in the s was so sex-segregated that tight bonds of solidarity formed between men and they would have been happy to express their friendship through physical affection.

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Two men pose for the camera whilst sitting on what looks like an American porch. From the mid-nineteenth century, it was not uncommon for male friends to visit a photographer's studio together to have a portrait taken as a memento of their love and loyalty. Two men pose for the camera whilst sitting in grass in Germany in Two men hold hands on a rail track, taken in the late s left and two men in uniform pose for the camera whilst in a provocative pose right.

Two men pose for the camera whilst standing remarkably close to one another.

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The term 'homosexuality' was coined in and sixteen years later, Section 11 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act made 'gross indecency' between men a crime in the United Kingdom. Two men in braces pose for the camera whilst holding hands left while another pair huge each other right. Ministers and politicians decried 'homosexuality' and famously, Oscar Wilde was convicted under section 11 in and sentenced to two years hard labour.

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In , Alan Turing was also convicted under the same law and sentenced to chemical castration. Meanwhile in s America, homosexuality was associated with communism and led to the witch hunt known as the 'Lavender scare'. Gay men and lesbians were said to be security risks and communist sympathisers - and they were removed from state employment.

These changes made it taboo for men to express their friendship through physical contact in the twentieth century.